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Article marketing is a method of advertising where short informative articles, usually 300 - 700 words, are written and submitted to article directories. From here they can be syndicated to other websites based on the agreement that the original author will be credited and linked to somewhere in the article. Articles often contain a resource box at the bottom where the author includes a short bio and hyperlinks back to their own website/s, or third-party websites they have a commercial relationship with eg. an affiliate agreement.


Article marketing has seen rapid growth in recent years, due in no small part to article directories that writers can leverage to help promote their articles and increase readership. Article directories generally have good PageRank in Google which helps each article achieve a high search engine ranking.

Benefits of Article Marketing & Article Directory Use

  • Better search engine ranking for articles
  • Increased readership and distribution of the authors content
  • Fast indexing by Google
  • Effective method of gaining backlinks
  • Enables marketers to promote unrelated products and services
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