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Private Label Rights, also known as PLR, is a term used in internet marketing to describe the intellectual property license sold by the author of digital content. The author of the content will typically sell most or all of their rights so that the buyer can rebrand it as their own or under their company brand and claim authorship. PLR can be edited, modified and resold.

Types of PLR

There are many different types of PLR content, including ebooks, videos, audio, articles, software, autoresponder content, templates and even entire websites. PLR is commonly sold in PLR packs, for example 10 PLR articles sold as a bundle. PLR is sometimes made available in multiple formats and sold in a bundle as an ebook, audio and video.

Benefits of PLR

PLR products have many benefits to internet marketers, the main ones being they are typically low-cost, save time and enable you to offer more content, both free and paid, than you could produce working on your own. Due to the nature of the internet, people using search engines have an insatiable appetite for information, causing a great pressure on website owners and publishers to keep offering fresh content. This content creation can be outsourced but using quality PLR usually works out much cheaper because PLR sellers sell multiple copies of a PLR product.

Uses for PLR

One of the main reasons PLR is so popular is because it can be used and repurposed in so many different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Blog or Website content - producing fresh content for visitors is a time consuming process. It is not always possible to keep creating valuable articles and posts at the desired rate or level of consistency. PLR solves this problem and relieves the pressure of coming up with new article or blog post ideas on demand.
  • Autoresponder material - in internet marketing, it is often said that "the money is in the list" and PLR article packages can be effectively used to add to an autoresnder series to keep subscribers happy.
  • Ebook content - writing an ebook is a serious undertaking when done properly and PLR content is a useful method of boosting the value of the ebook. Sometimes the author may want to include a section that he doesn not have personal experience in and in this case, PLR is a great way to fill the gap.
  • Membership site - membership sites and other continuity programs have a responsibility to provide their members with valuable content on a regular, usually monthly basis. High quality PLR content can often add significant value and saves time, money and other resources, not having to create content from scratch.
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