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A squeeze page is a special type of landing page designed specifically to persuade prospective subscribers to enter their email address and sign up to an optin list. The page itself usually has very few distractions so that the viewer will not get distracted and click away for any reason. The copy will usually be as just long enough to persuade the viewer to enter their details. A good squeeze page should be carefully designed to target a specific group of people thereby filtering out those who can't benefit from what you have to offer.

Elements of an Effective Squeeze Page

  • Headline - a powerful headline will capture the viewers attention and make them want to read the next line. This is copywriting 101 but nevertheless is often the "make-or-break" between the viewer hitting the back button or reading on to see what you can offer.
  • Sub-headline - this is a teaser that can further entice the viewer to keep reading and might also confirm that you have what they need.
  • Bullets - this is the "body text" of your squeeze page, most often in some kind of bulleted "quick-fire" list of exciting benefits that you can offer them if they sign up.
  • Subscription box - this is your autoresponder form and the place your visitor will enter their email address and perhaps name. Some marketers say that asking people to enter their email address only increases sign ups. The subscription box should be visually appealing and the fields and submit or confirm button reasonably big.
  • Call to action - this is your closing statement, your last chance to get the reader to take action and enter their details. It might be a personal message or perhaps simply tell them what to do.
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